Private Sector and Sustainable Development

Key messages

PLANCO stands for practice-oriented CSR solutions in an international context.

We offer our clients a broad network of experts, who have profound working experiences in several sectors and countries all over the world.

We combine experiences from projects in the field of development cooperation and business consultancy in Germany.

PLANCO is well connected to several institutes and highly qualified experts in our partner countries. The intercultural, political, social and economic linkage between Germany and other countries is part of our daily business.

Key aspects of our work are the following:

  • Consultancy with a sense of proportion:
    Our concepts always meet the specific requirements of our clients. They are practice-oriented, authentic and focus on feasible solutions
  • Field approach:
    Tailor-made approaches are based on reliable investigations of the situation on the ground, on sound planning and stepwise implementation, ongoing project monitoring and cost-benefit-analysis.
  • Effective partnerships with added value:
    Sustainable processes emerge from win-win-situations with endurance for all parties involved.
    PLANCO focuses on qualification: A quality increase within the production requires an introduction or enhancement of social and ecological standards in all core processes of the value chain.

PLANCO offers the following concepts and consulting services with regard to sustainable development

  • Analysis and concepts in order to design sustainable production processes and supply chains
  • In the case of upcoming international activities: Inquiry of socio-economic and legislative conditions on the ground; recommendations for further steps
  • Analysis of the status-quo of the CSR-performance along the value chain in the partner country and efficient concepts for enhancement
  • Web-based solutions e.g. traceability of supply chains and documentation of production conditions
  • Support for the implementation on-site
  • Evaluation, cost-benefit-analysis of all measures
  • Support for the application of funds and development partnerships with the German economy (e.g.