Short info team

Dr. Gunnar Specht

Managing Partner, *1964
Industrial Engineer and Educationalist
Key Competencies
Policy advisory, corporate governance, financial and investment planning, vocational education and training, education finance, sustainable economic development, environment and infrastructure, moderation, intercultural negotiation, project planning and management, monitoring and  evaluation, qualitative social research.

Clemens Aipperspach

Managing Partner, *1981
Industrial Engineer
Key Competencies
Technical surveys in the field of energy and environmental technologies, financial and investment planning, business planning, vocational education and training, green skills, education finance, project planning and management.

Jana Schlick

Managing Partner, *1966
Key Competencies
Planning and management of urban development and construction projects, strategic consultancy for the housing sector, energy efficiency in the construction sector, sustainable sanitation "ecosan", sustainable business strategies (CSR) for SME, management advisory and trainings for SME, moderation, public relations, conference management.

Michael Stephany

Partner, *1958
Key Competencies
Education and vocational training, labour market policy, system development, Human Resource Development, project planning and management, budget planning, international procurement, contract management.

Klaus Grimm

Senior Consultant, *1948
Key Competencies
Economic and infrastructural planning, PPP models, urban management, solid waste management, housing, financing of infrastructure,  fund management, corporate governance, project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, market, sector and regional analysis, moderation of planning processes.

Lena Schindler

Project Manager, *1985
Key Competencies
vocational education and training, TVET finance, micro finance, interdisciplinary economic and social research, result oriented monitoring, tender and project management.

Dr. Annika Martens

Consultant, *1983
Archeologist, CSR Expert
Key Competencies
CSR and sustainabiliy, sustainabilty strategies acc. to ISO 26000,  sustainabilty and social standards e.g. BSCI and SA8000, sustainabilty reporting e.g. GRI, compliance and integrity management.