Municipal Services and Infrastructure

Key messages

  • Social and demographic change, migration and environmental problems present constantly growing challenges to urban planning and housing
  • Increasing segregation and an expanding individualization of living in industrialized countries, fast growing cities in poorer regions and scarcer public funds force municipal service providers to come up with innovative approaches
  • Viable solutions can only be achieved if they are in line with social, economic and ecological  standards and are implemented in a participatory and transparent manner
  • The public and private sector increasingly depend on partnership, which complicates economic and organisational processes, but creates room for visionary concepts 

PLANCO offers the following concepts and consulting services with regard to municipal infrastructure and housing:

  • Konzepte für Wohnungsbau und Quartiersentwicklung
  • Concepts for housing and district development
  • Regional concepts for urban planning and environmental management
  • Strategic and operational advisory for public-sector institutions and the local economy
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP) 
  • Development of infrastructure with participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Municipal financing and fund management