Municipal Services and Infrastructure

Selected projects of the last years

Project implementation

  • Coordination of building measures of 2 TVET programs in Vietnam (2014-2016, KfW)
  • Accompanying measure to set up regional waste management system in the region of Korca, Albania (in cooperation with I&U 2013-2016, KfW)
  • Consultancy in the field of finance management and project monitoring for the implementation of an urban development fund Georgia  (2013, GIZ)
  • Strategic and operational advisory incl. implementation of IT sysems for the development of the Town Development Fund (TDF) in Nepal
    (2005-2011, GTZ/KfW)
  • Public private partnership and reorganisation of municipal companies: PPP-training programme, Macedonia
    (2009, GTZ)
  • Consultancy to municipalities in Macedonia in the field of planning and implementation of public urban investment measures by using of PPP approaches (2009, GTZ)

Consulting for Refurbishment and Restructuring of historic TVET buildings in Myanamar (2017, KfW)Studies, project design and support

  • Feasibility Study "Extension of Lao German Technical College" (2017, KfW)
  • Cash for Work - Employment Campaign for Syrian Refugees in Turkey (project design and support, 2016, GIZ)
  • Assessment and extension concept for building facilities of a Teacher Training Institute in Myanmar (2015, GIZ)
  • Competence centre for green TVET Vietnam / building characteristics  (fact finding mission, 2013/14, KfW)
  • Design, moderation, follow up of the civil society “future conference” of the City Rethem/Aller (2010-2012, AKS Rethem)
  • Environmental centre of excellence Kosovo / ideas for reconstruction of facilities (concept design, 2012, GIZ)
  • Clean development mechanism waste / cement industry Laos, preliminary study (2010, CCS)
  • Sector project ecosan - ecological sanitation; documentation, knowledge management, PR (2003-2008, GTZ)

Building projects

  • Design planning and construction support: Conversion of the small-scale industry buildings, Germany (2008-2011, private-sector client)
  • Participatory planning of several nationwide workshop and training buildings, Vietnam (2010, GTZ)
  • Planning and realization of 30 nationwide workshop, training and office buildings, investment programme TVET Ethiopia (in coop. with several local stakeholders, 2005-2009, KfW)